Tinder or Bumble: can dating apps produce stronger couples!

A study reveals that online apps would be beneficial for couples. Lovers met on the internet would stay together longer!

Meeting the soul mate on the internet is indeed possible. Dating apps promote strong marriages, much more than dating in real life.

Dating apps bring love to life

To those who think that love is dead, you are wrong. A study conducted by MIT and published on October 10 has shown that couples who have formed on the internet are stronger than others. Their relationship lasts longer!

Indeed, the Internet era has brought new developments, including dating apps. Thus, Tinder and Bumble bring important (and surprising) social changes. They are responsible for stable relationships, more than other couples. But beware, the most common way for the formation of couples is still, for the moment, the meeting by friends in common. And note also that this study reveals more a trend than a true scientific analysis.

Galanterie rhymes with app

For many, gallantry seemed to have disappeared. The apps have arrived in our lives, and with them the relationships are shorter and shorter. Well, it looks like the trend is starting to reverse. All you need to do is swipe to (maybe) meet the right person!

In fact, apps multiply dating opportunities. In a screen sweep you accept or deny someone in your life. And most of the time, it seems that online dating junkies take more time to chat. More than he would do in front of a person who is not dedicated to please them. Indeed, by only talking on the internet, we are less afraid of ridicule, and we know that a simple swipe will end the discussion!

And often you would never have met these people in real life! And yes, in addition to forming strong couples, the apps also form … interethnic couples! Much easier to meet someone who lives far away on the internet.

Lastly, more than 12 million matches are played each day on Tinder. So you can imagine that not all of them lead to fairytale relationships …