Pornhub: facial recognition to better categorize videos

The porn leader will use artificial intelligence and facial recognition to automatically tag his videos and sort them better. Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, gives us some more details.

Pornhub wants to help you find the video that makes you vibrate. The company, the leader in adult video streaming, will use new artificial intelligence (AI) -based tools to recognize and “tag” faces and physical attributes (such as “brunette” in the image below) of the protagonists of his videos.

Pornhub’s facial recognition technology (or image …) will dig into the company’s database to identify some 10,000 actors and then “tag” the videos. This will make it possible to better categorize the contents and facilitate the search, but also to improve the meshing of the site and the referencing of clips. The system will rely on feedback from users to improve over time.

According to Pornhub vice president Corey Price, the AI ​​will scan all the videos of the database of the site, more than 5 million, in the year 2018. Asked by us, the latter gives us some details:

Will this technology also be used to detect copyright infringements?

Price: We already use a digital fingerprinting technology for this purpose, such as YouTube with ContentID, which scans and compares videos with a database provided by owners of protected content.

Will the new system detect duplicate videos and sort them accordingly?

Yes, that technology could do that kind of thing in the future.

Will the AI ​​simply identify the actors in your database or will other actors, even amateurs, be identified?

The system will only identify the professional actors in our database.

What can the AI ​​identify exactly?

For now, we only identify “porn stars”. We have used this technology on about 500,000 videos, but we plan to scan our entire library next year. Very soon, we will also use this method to identify sexual positions and categories in order to better “tag” them.