No Tinder matches? My tips for better matches on Tinder

It seems simple to swipe left or right, it’s true … But what interests us is to see the black screen and “new affinity” by and large … What is not neither systematic nor easy. If you have no affinity on Tinder, no Tinder match, read this article carefully and stick to the rules I’m going to tell you. You’ll know how to have more Tinder match, and most importantly, you’ll get them.

I reveal here 8 secrets to match that should help you to make a good Tinder profile and therefore to have more “Tinder matches” as they say. We can of course have matches differently, everyone must see what works best for him, we all have our style, but statistically, they increase success. So, if today you have no Tinder match, it could change the game.

1) The first Tinder photo must be scrupulously chosen

Out of the question to tell you that these are just pictures, that in any case this is not the reality and that you do not want to be judged on your physique. Let it be said: the foundation of Tinder is the importance of appearance.

In addition, there is a huge competition on Tinder ( because of the excessive number of users. It’s up to you to take the rules of the game and to make it your own advantage. Eliminate all the competitors who put a photo by obligation by choosing a first photo that makes the other want to click on the profile, to look at the other photos, to read the description, to swipe right now …

So choose a photo that highlights you. A portrait and where you are alone. Be sure to highlight what you like the most about your physique. Do you like your figure or are you proud of your 1, 90 m? So choose a photo “in foot”, that is to say where we see you in full. You like your eyes, choose a photo where your eyes are highlighted, a close portrait. You can easily play with the filters today so do not hesitate! But go with moderation because maximum saturation or black and white can arouse suspicion.

One more tip: turn on the Tinder Smart so that Tinder helps you determine which photo people are watching the longest.

2) Creativity always helps, even on Tinder

If the person you are mentoring with is attractive, chances are that she has about 10 conversations at the same time. Unless you have unusual tastes.

So you can not just send “hi”, “how are you?” Nor “good we? Or other banalities of the kind. It’s boring to die! And this is not the place to play it detached.

If you have to write the first message Tinder (and there is a 99% chance that this is the case if you are a guy), write something original on the photos or description of the person. The idea is that she feels unique and that you show that you read her description, at least. Bounce on what she wrote or

But the best thing is that you write the first message. For that, it is on your description that it is necessary to count. It must be easy for people to write you a first message or ask you a question. To do this, write at the end of your description an invitation to start the conversation. Something like “if you’ve read it to the end, tell me what is your favorite color”.

3) Group photos on Tinder

A mistake many people make is to put pictures with several people on Tinder. How do you want us to know who we are dealing with? In addition, the attention of the people is limited being limited, you risk to be zapped immediately. And this, even if you are the most beautiful of the group. For sure, you will not get any Tinder match with this technique.

Even worse ! You might suffer the comparison with the people in the picture.

And if the other person is of the opposite sex, one could also think that you are in a relationship with them. Attention, then!

4) No match Tinder: the list of photos Tinder to avoid …

There are pictures that significantly decrease the number of Tinder match. Here is a non-exhaustive list of photos that really do not have the rating on this app:

  • Avoid typing the pose ostentatiously even if you do it with second degree, because the second degree goes wrong on Tinder. Avoid grimaces, etc.
  • Your photo should not reflect but rather convert in 3 seconds.
  • Selfies with mouth-to-mouth are not very popular. Even more if you are a guy.
  • Pictures taken bare-chested in front of your mirror with apparent pubic hair are also to be avoided.
  • Pictures of your wedding or where you kiss a girl will not help you.
  • Photos in front of a caged animal, it’s cruel and it’s “tourist”. Or pictures of you on an elephant that is known to have been abused. In short, you understand the idea.
  • Photos that do not see your face are useless. Same for zoomed pictures on your eye or your mouth.
  • The photos of you baby have nothing to do on a drag site.
  • The photos on the ski with the big glasses and the cap are ridiculous. Worse, those with the trace of sunburn.
  • The pictures of flowers, dogs, all these things have nothing to do on a dating site.

5) So what photos to match?

Which Tinder photos do I have to put? The photos communicate a lot of things. They are not only used to see if you are beautiful or not.

The photos allow to see if you have a social life. If you like to travel. If you are sporty, etc.

Choose photos where you are beautiful but also photos that communicate good things about you. And avoid those who communicate bad things (kind stuffed in the evening).

Note that some put pictures of them naked and that Tinder tends to censor these accounts, equating them with spam. Especially if they have been reported by users.

How to put pictures on Tinder? Go to the option on the right and choose “modify your information”.

6) I have no Tinder match: is it because of my age?

Do not forget the age restrictions. If you are 60 and looking for girls between the ages of 18 and 20, you will have few suggestions. Because other people will not look for profiles like yours.

A good thing to do is either to rejuvenate yourself (not ethical) or to look for women until your age.

Women like older men (say up to 9 years old) and men like younger or older women. Take this into consideration but keep in mind that this is not always the case, and you may meet older girls or younger guys. Tinder really gives the opportunity to discreetly go beyond the clich├ęs and realize the fantasy of sugar daddy or cougar.

Avoid putting an age that has nothing to do (like 100 years old). You would not go out on other people’s searches, and besides it’s not funny.

Note: to change your age on Tinder, change your age on your Facebook profile!

7) How to have matches on Tinder? Look after the spelling !!!

You will lose a lot of matches if your description is written in SMS or if it is full of mistakes. And you will not lose a match if you write well! You therefore have every interest in treating your written expression.

Avoid too many smileys and “lol, mdr” which are more reserved for teenagers or the public Snapshat.

Avoid cautions and all that is negative in your description. I am thinking here of “the dolphins go your way” or “the michtos break up”. Nobody likes negative people. So if you really want to, turn the thing in a positive and non aggressive way: “I wish to make serious meetings”, it goes better anyway!

Small tip: if you are bad spelling, do not hesitate to type first your description on a word processor like Open Office or Word to correct mistakes automatically.

8) A familiar face among my Tinder match … what to do?

Feel free to skip people you know when you find them on Tinder, if you do not want them to see you there.

By cons, if the person likes you, do not hesitate to put a super-like. So, the person will see you first.

Tinder works from the moment we accept the rules of the game in which we participate. Those who say “it does not work, Tinder” are certainly not in the right momentum. To the question “Tinder, does it work? I answer “YES”! But with a good methodology.