Fetlife : Largest dating site for fetishists and Kinksters

fetlife bdsm site review

Fetlife is a BDSM dating site. But what is it? These are dating sites for fetish people, you know those who like to tie, domination, submission and masochism. Ok, for the majority of you, the site Fetlife scares you. Fetlife is the largest site for online fetish contacts: More than 250,000 fetishes and BDSM interested people have a portal here to get to know, exchange and meet. For whom the registration is worth and what awaits you on this site, we have tested for you.

Sign up for Fetlife

If you want to register for Fetlife, you only need an active e-mail address. A verification link will be sent to them with which you can then register your profile for free. For that you need a custom name and password. Alternatively to the registration via mail, you can also register via Facebook. logine to Fetlife webiste : fetlifenetwork.com.

In the next steps you have to give information about yourself as well as your preferences and inclinations.

The specification of the preferences can be made through a list which admittedly includes many inclinations. Not only physical and practical preferences, also places and lifestyles can be expelled. By clicking on the categories you get to the individual practices, objects and varieties. There you can choose if you like to do it, if you want to try it and if this preference is active or passive.

Search fetish partners

Anyone looking for a fetish partner at Fetlife can look forward to a detailed member search. There you can not only look for gender, age and place of residence, but also look for very special properties in the extended search:

What to look for: Choose between ONS, MNS, affair, relationship, photo exchange, family friend, club visit, partner exchange, cybersex or slave
Preferences: Here you can choose the preferences of the opposite – then you can choose whether at least one or all preferences should be represented
Relationship status: For example, if you explicitly want a mutual escapade, you can simply enter it in the search
Appearance: Anyone who has concrete ideas can filter by glasses, size, weight and many other details

Fetlife members

In our practical test, we mainly noticed profiles with the usual BDSM preferences. The member level is mixed, but the general tone is very friendly. Fetlife is not really used by “hardcore fetishists”, it is more for people with more common inclinations, mainly in the field of BDSM.

While women can tell about their cup size, the same is true for the best piece of men – in practice, however, not every member has noted this important detail.

Get in touch with other fetishists

If you want to contact other fetishists, you can either:

via message: Simply contact other members privately. As a standard member you can write to 10 people daily
via Messenger: If you are friends with another user, you can easily chat in Messenger
on the forum: The forum serves on the one hand the exchange and on the other hand to make new contacts. Here is about BDSM, body fetish u.v.m. discussed
via Spank: Just as you can nudge people on other portals, you can spank someone at Fetlife! Up to 3 spanks can be assigned as a standard member daily. Spanks obtained can be found in the “Spanklist”
in the video chat: Here you can contact via Cam and show each other.

video Chat

See and be seen! In videochat you can show your best side and / or indulge your voyeurism. However, you have to prove that you are at least 18 years old. If this hurdle is overcome, however, you can chat and compete fully with other users in video chat.

Photo Contests

If you like to show yourself, you also have the opportunity to participate in the constantly changing photo competitions. Here are always new topics, such. “Late Roman Decadence” or “Doctor Games” competitions opened and members can vote for their favorite image.

BDSM Events

In the event calendar, users can create fetish events or participate in events. The imagination knows no bounds here: Whether party, slave court, gaming table or “Spanking Internet”. From A to Z every BDSM  or Fetishist should find a stimulating event in their surroundings – just click through and sign up. In the search you can also search for regional events.