SwingLifestyle (SLS) Oldest swinger lifestyle website

To put it simply, SwingLifestyle it could be said that this is the Swinging Facebook. After you have created a free profile (by following this SwingLifestyle registration link), you will be able to share your wishes with other members, comment on their photos or their status, send them messages, consult the profile pages for each of them. them … In short, you will find here everything that makes a good social network.

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SwingLifestyle The Largest Swinger Community Online

swinglifestyle swingers

The SwingLifestyle site welcomes you to its community of Swingers. The social network is much more than a dating site, it is a way of life and a community that wants to share the pleasures of sex.This site is the great crossroads for couples who are free or tempted by adventure on the web. All types of exchanges are offered: couple, solo, group, straight, homo, transvestite or transsexual.

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Fetlife : Largest dating site for fetishists and Kinksters

fetlife bdsm site review

Fetlife is a BDSM dating site. But what is it? These are dating sites for fetish people, you know those who like to tie, domination, submission and masochism. Ok, for the majority of you, the site Fetlife scares you. Fetlife is the largest site for online fetish contacts: More than 250,000 fetishes and BDSM interested people have a portal here to get to know, exchange and meet. For whom the registration is worth and what awaits you on this site, we have tested for you.

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Top Dating Sites For Adults in 2019

On the internet, there are hundreds of site plans, with or without registration. The offer is huge but the quality is not necessarily at the rendezvous, with some platforms that are only large scams, when others are simply ineffective. At a hookup site without registration, we often favor sex sites with free registration, much more reliable as explained in this article!

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5 sites like Omegle and Chatroulette (but different)

Since the advent of Omegle and Chatroulette in 2009, and more recently Bazoocam, messaging and videophone sites allowing “virtual pifometric meetings” have multiplied. For the better, and often, for the worse.  Presentation of 5 sites like Omegle, which are based on concepts close to their elders … While trying to stand out.

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Tinder or Bumble: can dating apps produce stronger couples!

A study reveals that online apps would be beneficial for couples. Lovers met on the internet would stay together longer!

Meeting the soul mate on the internet is indeed possible. Dating apps promote strong marriages, much more than dating in real life.

Dating apps bring love to life

To those who think that love is dead, you are wrong. A study conducted by MIT and published on October 10 has shown that couples who have formed on the internet are stronger than others. Their relationship lasts longer!

Indeed, the Internet era has brought new developments, including dating apps. Thus, Tinder and Bumble bring important (and surprising) social changes. They are responsible for stable relationships, more than other couples. But beware, the most common way for the formation of couples is still, for the moment, the meeting by friends in common. And note also that this study reveals more a trend than a true scientific analysis.

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Pornhub: facial recognition to better categorize videos

The porn leader will use artificial intelligence and facial recognition to automatically tag his videos and sort them better. Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, gives us some more details.

Pornhub wants to help you find the video that makes you vibrate. The company, the leader in adult video streaming, will use new artificial intelligence (AI) -based tools to recognize and “tag” faces and physical attributes (such as “brunette” in the image below) of the protagonists of his videos.

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