Day-and-Date Release Strategy: farewell movie theaters?

In the near future, will the films be released online at the same time as in theaters, or even online? In line with Netflix, VOD and e-cinema promise us a cinema of the future released from cinemas, to be viewed only on our television, our computer, or better, our smartphone.

For JJ Abrams, the director of Star Wars VII (and soon to be on the 9th episode), the day-and-date is inevitable, and VOD should end up threatening the very existence of dark rooms. Especially because the latter do not really have the same comfort as a home cinema. “You go there. They are not friendly. It’s cold. No music. The lights turn off as soon as the movie begins. No ceremonial. The chairs are not comfortable. You’re convinced someone is standing in front of the projector. And in the meantime, most viewers have TVs that have a better image than the room, “he explained in May 2017 at a conference organized by the Milken Institute, economists.

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