Best Mobile Dating Apps for Android Users

Since there are applications for just about everything, why not make this personal object an assistant in the search for new encounters? We have searched for you the best apps for lonely hearts in need of meetings.

Would you rather be accompanied by a human being than by your beloved phone? The latter can, as for many tasks, be of considerable help, since there are many applications to help you in your quest.


In just a few years, Tinder has become a must-have for mobile dredging. The Tinder app encourages you to drag the profiles to the left or right of the screen, depending on whether you like them or not, and now, and new features are coming up regularly. We can now send Super Likes, link his Instagram account, or pay some money to be able to go back in time and recover a profile “swiped” left by mistake.

If the application was exclusively used for dragging some time ago, uses now vary. In the United States, it is even used to promote certain candidates for the presidency.


Become a must, and a real competitor to Tinder, the application Happn (made in France) promises to make you meet the strangers that you can as well cross at the turn of your Sunday market than during a night a little too busy for you to be able to distinguish attractive faces.

If a person registered on Happn is nearby, his profile is immediately proposed to you, so that you will not miss any good meeting. If the person in question responds positively to your like, it is a “crush”, and you can start a discussion. Everything is free, but a charms system will require in-app purchases.



Grand classic of online seduction,¬†AdopteUnMec has counted some millions of registered since its creation, and has renewed its design to better stick with the times. As is often the case with dating apps, you’ll have to rely on in-app purchases on a regular basis to reach out to those who have caught your eye. Adopts A Dude, however, seems to have left his hour of glory behind him, and now live in the shadow of the two giants that are Tinder and Happn.


This German application plays, as many, on the geolocation: it puts forward a “radar”, sort of real-time map of the users of the app present nearby, and plays hashtags. Users can post photos of their interests with these hashtags so they can be better tracked by other members of the community who share their commonalities. The app has so far more than 10 million downloads, and of course, will occasionally claim some in-app purchases.



If you are a little naughty and go elsewhere do not bother you more than you need, you will certainly find your happiness on the side of Gleeden, specializing in extra-marital encounters. Contrary to what its slogan suggests, the service was not founded by women, and it is not specifically aimed at them. In short, everyone’s choice, so to test.


Grindr is almost like Happn, but specializes in homosexual and bisexual dating. The app’s interface displays a list of people who are in or near you, and you can then talk to them and view their profiles and photos.


Once does not play quite in the same yard as the other dating apps above. To differentiate, the app asks you to answer many questions, then offers a profile per day corresponding to yours, and not based on physical characteristics. Unfortunately for her, she has met with mixed success, many judging that the lack of choice (catalog) is detrimental, and it is true that these applications work largely because a person at first glance.

There are dozens of other dating apps, whose community is more or less wide and the audience sometimes very targeted. Do not hesitate to send us your recommendations in comments!