5 sites like Omegle and Chatroulette (but different)

Since the advent of Omegle and Chatroulette in 2009, and more recently Bazoocam, messaging and videophone sites allowing “virtual pifometric meetings” have multiplied. For the better, and often, for the worse.  Presentation of 5 sites like Omegle, which are based on concepts close to their elders … While trying to stand out.

Inspired by two platforms straight out of the imagination of teenagers in need of friends, the avatars of Omegle, Chatroulette or Bazoocam abound today on the web. To say that these sites are factors of social connection would be exaggerated … But to say that they do not have an anthropological interest would also be a little quick work.

Jottle.com: the chatroulette of chaste

“Chat face to face without the Junk” announces Jottle.com on its homepage (approximate translation: chat face to face without video-spamming). To prevent the perverts, masturbators or other neo-Nazis spoil his virtual dating service by showing anatomical parts or dubious effigies, Jottle.com (English service) has a secret boot: a facial recognition technology. This limits the video display – at the beginning of the conversation – to the face of video-chatters only (“medallion” effect). Once both participants are confident, everyone can click a button (trust) to see the video appear in classic window mode.

FaceBuzz.com: the exportable random videochat service

This video and audio chat service created in 2010 (in French) allows to meet “people in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada (Quebec), Tunisia, Algeria, etc! It is presented as a “game”, and invites participants to prepare “their costumes and” out “their most beautiful faces :-(). In short, schoolboy and trooper. The originality: the platform is open to devoloppers, and allows them to integrate the application FaceBuzz on third party site (offers a script generator).

MoveyourCam.com announces the color

This chatroulette service has (at least) the merit of announcing the color. “The visual content of some webcams may be erotic and is intended exclusively for adult audiences. Access to the service is therefore divided into two sections: one reserved for 16-18 year olds, the other for over 18s … We doubt the discipline of participants, but why not.

TinyChat.com: small video chat with friends

TinyChat (in English) has the merit to stand out qualitatively (well, how to talk) other chatroulettes. it allows you to create or join “private” chat sessions and invite your friends, etc. Basically, create your own livestream or “channel”. It offers a directory in English to find other video chat rooms to join, and to register with its Facebook or Twitter credentials, making it a more open chatroulette than others to social networks.

JayDoe: the “smart” videochat, but empty?

No, you will not meet geniuses on this network (if you meet someone, there is no crowd). This random instant messaging service claims to “learn” as and when a user encounters, to promote contact with videochatters who share the same interests. Yeah …

A new “intelligent” Chatroulette has recently appeared for fans of foreign languages: Verbling, which connects users to learn / improve the language of their choice (at the moment the project is limited to English and French). Spanish)