5 Dating Apps for Summer

Your heart is to take? Dating apps use your smartphone to help you find love.

The smartphone redistributes the cards of the meeting online, formerly dominated by a cohort of sites with matrimonial vocation.

Dusty and pastistic, Meetic’s model, the French juggernaut of virtual networking, has lived.

The constant connection to the Internet and geolocation open exciting new perspectives for ingenious application developers.

Between the zapping and the identification of solitary hearts close to us, the dating “apps” brilliantly deploy new mechanics, fast and modern for some, cruel and dehumanized for others.

Here is our selection of 5 apps to meet the soul mate.

1. 3nder, dating for couples

3nder app for singles and couples. Inseparable from your Facebook profile, the star 3nder instantly distils on the screen of your phone a selection of profiles sorted according to two criteria (age, distance).

It’s time for zapping!

Swipe the portrait picture to the left to dismiss it permanently (“Ignore”), to the right to indicate your interest (“I like you”).

If the attraction is reciprocal, “It’s a match! You triumphantly balance the “app” before allowing you to dialogue with your “affinity”.

Free at 100%, 3nder struggles to get rid of a sulfurous reputation linked to the omnipresence of predators in search of adventures without a future.

By refusing to take borders into account in its logic of geolocation, the platform complicates the task of border workers, flooded with profiles from neighboring countries.

2. Playme !, the quiz to break the ice

On paper, the concept of the Playme! is promising and innovative.

The principle: to initiate the contact with a profile extracted from the database according to the eternal duo age / distance via … a quiz of general culture.

“Find an opponent that you like and challenge him”, boosts the French “app” administered by the studio Pretty Fun Therapy.

Welcome to the era of … questions for a relationship!

Like the overwhelming majority of its competitors, Playme! mate with your Facebook profile to validate your registration.

Once this pitfall is over, the photos of your potential favorites scroll.

To attract attention in the hope of making contact, you are free to challenge whoever has caught your eye.

Answer at best five thematic questions. Wait for your opponent’s reply. If the hand extended towards the game is accepted, the dialogue is allowed.

3. LOVOO, the radar of the heart

Where master Tinder relies on a clean interface and basic mechanics, his most serious rival LOVOO dares to deploy a dashboard with 1001 features.

The diptych instinct “Ignore” / “You please me” gives way to the exploitation of a battalion of tools.

The most amazing weapon in the LOVOO arsenal: the “real-time radar”.

The sacrosanct principle of geolocation is pushed to its limits.

At the heart of the core of this detection device, your profile symbolized by a heart is quickly surrounded by potential contacts located in a kilometer radius defined by you.

Tap on one of these points and the face of its holder is revealed.

4. happn, the neighborhood expert

And if you ever meet regularly your soul mate ignoring even its existence?
Sentimental happiness awaits you at the local supermarket, slice the French application happn.

“Find who you cross,” hammered the platform. “It’s the app that saves us missed opportunities. ”

Ruthless with the battery of our smartphones, happn constantly analyzes the geographical position of its members.

As soon as you cross the road of another user, this cantor of ultra-proximity alerts you and displays his profile.

There are two options: ignore this foot call or “like” the person by pressing the heart associated with their photo.

If ever the “like” you unblock is mutual, it’s the sacrosanct moment of “crush” in happn jargon.

It’s the Grail! The exchange of text messages is now allowed.

5. Jaumo, discretion optional

It’s a small miracle. Where Tinder, Playme !, happn et al require you to create your profile from your Facebook account, Jaumo allows you to avoid looting your personal data on social networks.

From the first launch, just click on “Options” to zap the connection via Facebook proposed from the outset.

To best respect your anonymity online, choose to create an account from scratch from an email address.

Once online, Jaumo behaves like a basic Tinder clone.

The sequence of “Zapping” portraits adopts the same mechanics.

Swipe the profile to the left and it will disappear forever from your search perimeter. Swipe it to the right to mark your interest. If the interests meet, the doors of the textual dialogue open. Unlike Tinder, Jaumo accepts research all around the world.