Top 9 Tools for Website Building and Design

A presence on the web can help companies to develop and make themselves known in the market. If you believe the statistics, it is indispensable to their survival: according to a study by the company Email-Broker, 81% of companies that went bankrupt in 2013 were not on the internet … These data probably convince some entrepreneurs of importance of creating a website, but how to do it? This article will help you to start your digital project by presenting you some tools of creation of website. Continue reading

Pornhub: facial recognition to better categorize videos

The porn leader will use artificial intelligence and facial recognition to automatically tag his videos and sort them better. Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, gives us some more details.

Pornhub wants to help you find the video that makes you vibrate. The company, the leader in adult video streaming, will use new artificial intelligence (AI) -based tools to recognize and “tag” faces and physical attributes (such as “brunette” in the image below) of the protagonists of his videos. Continue reading

Day-and-Date Release Strategy: farewell movie theaters?

In the near future, will the films be released online at the same time as in theaters, or even online? In line with Netflix, VOD and e-cinema promise us a cinema of the future released from cinemas, to be viewed only on our television, our computer, or better, our smartphone.

For JJ Abrams, the director of Star Wars VII (and soon to be on the 9th episode), the day-and-date is inevitable, and VOD should end up threatening the very existence of dark rooms. Especially because the latter do not really have the same comfort as a home cinema. “You go there. They are not friendly. It’s cold. No music. The lights turn off as soon as the movie begins. No ceremonial. The chairs are not comfortable. You’re convinced someone is standing in front of the projector. And in the meantime, most viewers have TVs that have a better image than the room, “he explained in May 2017 at a conference organized by the Milken Institute, economists. Continue reading

Mars 2030: explore the red planet in virtual reality

FMG Labs has teamed up with NASA to offer a virtual reality Mars exploration experience. This one is destined to helmets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive but will be soon compatible with the PlayStation VR.

After the visit of the ISS via Google Street View, here is the exploration of Mars in virtual reality. Continue reading